All You Need To Know About Safe Drinking Water

Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, doctors are emphasizing to strengthen the immune system to combat this situation. This fatal disease has created a panic, and WHO has recommended people to stay at their homes and avoid coming in contact with people. Eating fresh fruit, vegetables, immunity boosters’ drinks, and especially home-cooked food, is the mantra of staying fit and healthy.

The main focus should be cleaning each and everything thoroughly from groceries, utensils, floors, to hands and face. The advertisements have made it clear not to touch the face with dirty or unwashed hands. All these precautions are for the best of the health of every individual. Looking at the rise in the number of cases with each day passing by, it’s high time people start acting seriously.

Here are a few tips that one must follow to keep themselves safe:

  • Drink lots of water, and one can install an alkaline water ionizer that raises the pH of the drinking water.
  • The alkaline water is believed to have more pH than regular water.
  • Eat freshly grown vegetables and before cooking them, wash them thoroughly with water and salt.
  • Go out of your homes only when it’s urgent and necessary.
  • Avoid handshaking or coming in close contact with your friends or outsiders.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask when going outside.
  • One must keep an alcohol-based sanitizer or a bottle of strong acidic water having 2.5 pH with you all the time.

At home, one can keep them fit and disease-free by intake of the best of the diets and juices or water they can. Alkaline water has many health benefits such as:

  • Weight-loss
  • Hydration and detoxifying
  • Immune System Support

It is essential to choose the right alkaline water ionizer as most of them deplete the essential natural minerals of the water and add artificial minerals. The water with the desired pH can neutralize the acidity in the stomach by removing unwanted toxins and due to a low diet. It is believed that this water is good for bones and also boosts up the metabolism.

Our body requires minerals and vitamins for its functioning, and alkaline waters are beneficial for the body and are available at the grocery stores or through online retailers. Doctors suggest that despite the wonders that alkaline water does, it still must be consumed in an appropriate amount. Excessive consumption can eliminate vital minerals in our body and also removes the good bacteria in the stomach by lowering the acid amount. Although this water lacks scientific evidence of the health benefits, it’s still popular online and amongst celebrities.

High-alkaline levels can cause skin irritation along with other gastro ailments. In the end, it’s all about keeping the body hydrated, so choose wisely and remember excess of everything is dangerous.