Enagic Japan Water Ionizers –Pioneers in functional Water Ionization Technology

The quality of water that you drink is of utmost important. It should be hygienic, hydrating for humans as well as full of nutrients, and beneficial health-wise. The Enagic water Ionizers are the best for your domestic, residential, and Industrial purposes “Change your water Change your life”

About Enagic

For more than four decades, Enagic Japan International has been a leader in manufacturing water Ionizer machines. Kangen water is produced by means of introducing an electrical current into filtered tap water. This splits the water into an acid component and an alkaline component, each distributed via separate pathways. Varying levels of acidity and alkalinity in water have different purposes the more acidic for washing produce or used for overall cleaning and the alkaline for drinking.

About Enagic water systems:-

The quest to create ionized water.
A road to the physical regeneration of the human body was inspired by the desire of certain perseverant individuals to capture nature’s perfect water.
Japanese scientists produced the first water ionizer way back in 1974. water ionizers are now the norm in Japan, with 30 million Japanese citizens having access to ionized water.
Enagic Japan being the pioneer started manufacturing its range of products in the year 1974. Having established its presence in over 28 countries the world over and introducing its unique patented compensatory business plan and marketing its products through Direct Selling Networking system.

Quality and services

The machines are assembled individually by the artisans and then inspected, tested, and certified by highly-trained QC engineers. They give utmost importance to the quality of their machines and never compromise. This has helped them gain a loyal client base, and their clients can vouch for the quality of products and services rendered by the company.

You can also get fast and efficient support from their well trained and knowledgeable technicians who have years of experience in the field. The service center is at your service whenever you need help. Whenever you buy a product ask for the support service and warranty they are offering on the product.

Enagic works on the principle of offering to the best of its ability true wellness water products.

Benefits of Enagic Kangen water

• It is not only perfect for drinking but can also be used for cooking purposes
• It is hydrogen-rich water that restores the body to a more alkaline state. This is good for our health.
• You can also make coffee, tea, and soups from Enagic Kangen water.
• It is budget-friendly and good for the environment.
• When you clean vegetables, meat fish in 11.5 Ph Kangen water, it cleans and enhances the flavor of these products.
• It also enhances the taste of tea and coffee, and soups, if made in Kangen Water.