Get Spa-Like Experience at Home with Anespa DX

Enagic is a Japan-based company that deals with water purifying machines. They sell machines that produce purified water for different purposes such as drinking, cleaning, and even spa purpose. Yes, you heard that right. You can get a spa-like experience at home by using ANESPA DX  machine. It is one of the best water purifying machines to treat yourself to a soothing hot spring experience.

You can enjoy the abundant flow of mineralized water and a relaxing massage showerhead and transform your bathroom into a calming hot spring oasis. The machine generates mineral ion water for your bath and shower. The water contains a blend of hot spring ingredients and minerals which offer the AME feeling that you get while enjoying a pleasant hot spring and taking advantage of the mineral ion water. You no more need to visit the spa for a relaxing experience as you can enjoy the privilege at home.


The Anespa DX  generates mineral ion water for your bath and shower which contains the same pH level as your tap water. The machine is quite simple to install and operate. It comes with a large ceramic cartridge containing a greater amount of ceramic balls. The newly redesigned base is suitable for a more efficient filter replacement process.

The new and exclusive ANESPA DX is a home spa system that transforms your bathroom into a natural hot spring just like spas and resorts. The machine produces a continuous stream of healthy and ionized mineral water. With a new and large ceramic cartridge, the machine removes almost 100% of chlorine and other harmful substances in your tap water. It adds safe and moisturizing minerals that are healthy for your skin and hair. Thus, investing in a machine like Anespa can be a great decision and a luxury in your bathroom.

The abundant flow of the mineralized water, along with a shower head is nothing less than a luxury. The cartridge purification system effectively removes chlorine and bacteria, which offers a fresh and rejuvenating feeling. Now you can protect your delicate skin by using our ionized mineral SPA water.

About Enagic

If this is your first time with the Enagic water purifying machines rest assured as the company deals with quality machines and also offers complete service support even after the sales has been done.

The Enagic machines are a blend of the latest technology with Japanese craftsmanship which makes them superior in quality. Whether it is drinking water or spa water, you will get nothing but the best. Enagic has been the market leader for over four decades in manufacturing water-ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure and healthy water. Hundreds and thousands of machines have been sold to date across the globe, and people can vouch for the goodness of machines.

Get Anespa DX from Enagic if you wish to enjoy pure and mineralized hot spring water for great skin and hair.