Significance Of Consuming Micro-Clustered Ionized Water

Water is considered as an essential element to carry out various biological processes and for the survival of human being. People these days incline towards the intake of alkaline water because of the health benefits it offers. There are distinct types of water, but micro-clustered ionized water is extremely beneficial as compared to other types. This water is also referred to as structured ionized water.

What makes micro-clustered ionized water different from other types?

A water molecule (H2O) comprises of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Water is obtained in a cluster of molecules, not as a single molecule. The tap water that we receive at our abode has a large cluster of about 13 molecules. These large clusters of water eliminate the longing to drink water. Due to these large clustered water molecules in case of tap water, the body will no longer feel the need to drink water. However, the micro-clustered water has a smaller cluster of about 5 molecules. This water is better because of its exquisite solubility, permeability and hydration properties.

Method of getting micro-clustered water

This water is the best suitable water, and this water can be obtained in various ways. Making use of water ionizer is the most reliable and effective way. A person can get micro-clustered water by fixing water ionizer on the tap and then allow the water to pass through the machine. This process of ionization breaks the electrical bonding of water molecules. The water thus obtained is health, clean, ionized and fit for drinking prospects.

Certain merits of using alkaline ionized water are as follows:

  • This water is effective in improving the hydration of a person.
  • This water ensures quick and efficient transportation of vital nutrients and minerals to a distinct part of the body.
  • This water assists in forming effective communication between the cells, thereby ensuring faster healing and repairing process in the body.
  • This water has a small cluster of water. Thus, it ensures that the reliability of DNA is properly maintained.
  • This water is vital to ensure the detoxification of the body as it promotes adequate health by eradicating the damaging substances from the body.
  • This water helps the body in absorption of some crucial minerals and nutrients at a rapid pace.
  • The excellent permeability of this water makes the cells feel hydrated within few seconds and circumvent bloating.