Anespa DX

Your home spa system!

The ANESPA DX removes chlorine from your shower and bath water. Its dual cartridge system contains therapeutic ingredients that have a relaxing hot spring effect. The water is broken down into smaller clusters which makes it easier for your body to absorb the healthy and clean ANESPA DX water.

Price :

MRP 200,000 INR


Product Specifications

Model name / number Anespa DX / ANSP-01
Water source connection Water supply plug closed type
Power Supply N/A
Power consumption N/A
System Mineral ion water activator
Production rate (gallon(s)/minute) 2.6-4.0
Level Selections N/A
Electrolysis Capability (continuous use) N/A
Cell cleaning method N/A
Applicable water quality and pressure
Electrolysis Enhancer N/N
Enhancer Refilling N/A
Protector Water Limiter
Electrode material N/A
Electrode plates 0
The Water Filter
How the ANESPA DX Creates Mineral Ion Water.